Welcome! If you are pregnant or working with pre + postnatal folks, I have created this virtual space with you in mind!


Three paths to explore:

Perinatal + Parental Workshops

Courses for Professionals

Continuing Education Membership

for Perinatal Providers

At Rooted

We believe that pre-conception, gestating, and newly parented people deserve the very best support possible. 

We believe that peaceful parenting starts with each provider, pregnancy, birth, & postnatal experience.

Learn tools to deepen your connection + ignite confidence & creativity into your path towards parenthood on your own terms.

What is Rooted?

Rooted is a virtual home for self discovery, advocacy, & connection.

Foundations: An Introductory Workshop on the Pelvic Floor

As movement instructors we learn so much about the body but we often miss out on the specifics when it comes to the structures & functions of the pelvic floor. If you've been wanting to learn more, this self paced mini workshop is just for you!

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Prenatal Yoga Business Workshop

You've finished training and you are ready to teach... but how? Where? What are the steps to get started? Will you teach online, in person, with groups, or individuals? This workshop will clarify questions the questions that often come up after training and get you started on your path to building a business that is sustainable, ethical, & a labor of love!

Rooted Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

This 85 hour training takes an accessible + inclusive approach to Prenatal Yoga. Learn to create an  environment of self empowerment to take back the process of birth with the practice of yoga. Backed by science and fueled by the heart, you will learn how to create an environment of advocacy, creativity, and nonjudgmental support in each class. Have the tools you need to work with prenatal students and help ignite their own confidence through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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Yoga for Childbirth

This workshop is for expectant parents + their birth partners. Together they will build confidence, connect, & communicate practicing tools to support labor + birth. However your birth unfolds, these tools can be used enrich your experience. 

No yoga experience is required


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Under Pressure

Learn about Prolapse through the lens of biotensegrity. Develop strategies to address holding patterns restoring the network of global support from within. Hear from Pelvic Health Therapists and Innovators in the field. This workshop was recently presented at the Pilates Method Alliance. Join our list below for updates on course registration & opening dates.

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Bridging the Gap:

A Deeper Look at Diastasis Recti

Demystify diastasis recti in this self paced workshop using breath, release, yoga, & Pilates.

In this workshop you will learn to:

  • Identify common causes and warning signs
  • Learn simple yet effective exercises
  • Practice restorative breath work
  • Create low pressure everyday habits that can help you bridge the gap!

This is a workshop for those with DRA, not a training for teachers.

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Nice to meet you!

Hello! I'm Brigitte.

I'm a perinatal movement specialist with a focus on pelvic health.

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